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We provide complete payment solutions

We are a merchant service provider who will take care of everything your business need for payment processing

Merchant Accounts with Competitive Pricing

POS Solution with Latest Technology

Secure Transactions & chargeback Prevention

Customer Care with Excellent Service

100% Risk Free - Month to Month Contract

Tell us about your sales number and we will customize a fee structure and lock it down. Take advantage of our Risk-Free Trial. A merchant account with Month to Month Contract provides a greater peace of mind. Contact us to get a Month to Month Contract merchant account.

Strong Partnerships - Count on Us

SmartBizPay offers businesses of all sizes payment processing solutions that give them the ability to accept nearly every payment type.

We Value Our Clients

We are committed to client satisfaction and business growth

EMV Enabled - Fight Chargebacks

SmartBizPay delivers EMV Enabled Chip Ready devices to all businesses so the businesses can fight fraud eliminate chargebacks. We look for every opportunity to help merchants obtain more value from each transaction developing new solutions to make transactions simpler, faster, and more rewarding

Reporting Solutions

Our cloud-based reporting offers insights to your sales volume in real time.Our comprehensive reporting solutions suite offers easy-to-use, flexible tools that can be accessed 24/7 in order to manage your business effectively. Call us for a demo!

Retail Trends

A year over year increase in shoppers usage of mobile payment methods. Apple Pay, GooglePay and many other forms of electronic payments.

PCI Compliance

SmartBizPay holds cardholder security as our first priority. we continually invest in tools and technology to protect data and assist you in becoming PCI compliant to minimize fraud and avoid penalties.

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“So many business owners have horror stories of continuous rate hikes and hidden fees from other processors. We just knew that we were onto something extraordinary when they would thank us for keeping their rates locked and setting up their services.

We are delighted to have our very first client still processing along with us!”

Mohammed Moinuddin


We assist businesses in understanding their cost and show them how to save up to thousands of dollars. With amazing offers like Next Day Funding and Month End Billing our clients have predictable cash flow to plan out business expenses and growth. Our call center representatives are well trained and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year to answer merchant account questions.

Merchant Approval Rate

Same Day Merchant Boarding

PCI Compliant Merchant

Merchant Inquiry Resolution Under 1hr

“Great Service. Excellent customer service”

testimonial 1
Zain Hansraj Customer

    "I have worked with them for many many years now and they have excellent support service and pricing. I would recommend them with full confidence and trust as they deliver what they commit and more!!"

    testimonial 2
    Imtyaz Isani Customer

      "Very easy, reliable and helpful to provide instant solutions"

      testimonial 3
      Mohammad Elias Azad Customer

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Premium payment processing savings, post purchase satisfaction, after sale service and complimentary business consultation are the four main benefits of SmartBizPay. SmartBizPay positions itself to deliver client friendly predictable tangible and intangible values. These are the compelling reasons for us to exist as a company and inspiring reasons for us to keep going!

        Every client begins to experience the SmartBizPay ‘difference’ with their first call to us! The client will realize the superior communication and satisfaction shortly after establishing the service. The tangible monetary savings will be achieved after 30 days of payment processing. The post purchase satisfaction and high level of after sale service will continue for the entire business life cycle.

        The state of the art ‘Click to Apply’ boarding tool is easy to use and can setup a merchant account in two hours or less in most cases. The Point of Sale system gets programmed and is usually ready to use the same day. The cloud based dashboard provides uncanny visibility to sales volume in real-time. The in-house staff provide full level of support from troubleshooting POS devices to funding inquiries, and maintain up-to-date knowledge on Payment Card Industry (PCI) to keep merchants PCI compliant. SmartBizPay has a responsibility and every client matters!

        SmartBizPay restores Predictability, Trustworthiness, Accountability, Dependability and Availability to our clients who may have lost these basic values and expectations from other payment processors in the past. We emerge as a pillar of confidence by providing timely support for a wide range of wants and needs, from batch reconciliations to funding inquiries. We listen and we show how we value our clients by doing the RIGHT things and doing things RIGHT

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